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Boutique, multi-modality fitness – under one roof.

Welcome to The Club at Los Gatos.


The best studios and instructors. Enjoy unlimited group classes across all of the studios we have to offer including non-heated and heated classes, indoor cycling, Barbell WOD, BodyShop, aqua, and more!


Classes range from 92-105 degrees. This studio has a balance of heat, humidity, and infrared panels. In this studio, you’ll find Hot26, Power Yoga, Toned, Barre Fusion, Sweat45, Sweat 60, Sweat75, and Warm Yin & Flow. For class descriptions, click here.


The indoor cycling studio is host to both Beats and Power classes. Beats for hi-rev, fun ride with music, and Power for the cycling purist at heart. Enjoy all the benefits of this low-impact, heart-healthy studio has to offer.


Pilates studio classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness, safe for those recovering from injury or overuse, and deceptively challenging for those looking for an intense workout. Pilates studio is an equipment based, small group class that utilizes specialized apparatus and spring resistance for a low impact workout to improve core strength, flexibility, coordination, restore natural posture and create balance in the body. 


Our fitness floor is equipped with the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. With a wide variety of cardio and strength equipment, you’ll be sure to fall in love with your routine. The fitness floor is also where you’ll find our BodyShop class – a perfect mix of cardio, weight training, and bootcamp.


For the strength training purest. Home to California Strength’s Barbell WOD Los Gatos. Featuring all of the goodies from barebells to kettlebells to sleds and slam balls.


Your new favorite local coffee shop featuring a wide array of functional smoothies and healthy food choices. A great social spot for friends and family. Enjoy beer, wine, and hard kombucha and get to know your club community.


Success is a lifestyle. Whether it’s physical fitness or your performance at work, we want to resource you to maximize your time and efficiency. Our business center is perfect for distraction-free work or hosting your group a presentation coupled with a team bonding workout. 


Our 25-yard pool remains 84 degrees year-round, so no matter the weather your fitness routine won’t skip a step. Need to relax? Enjoy the adjacent hot tub or our outdoor cold plunge and sauna.


First comes the work, then comes the recovery. From the cutting edge to tried and tested you’ll find it here – infrared sauna, steam room, NormaTech recovery boots, hot tub, cold plunge, VibePlates, enhanced YoYo technology, and more!


HMT’s use of range of motion assessment and postural evaluation together with manual testing of individual muscles, fused with the ancient treatment of acupuncture points and meridians creates a superior therapy for immediate pain relief. HMT is a holistic therapy that bridges ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern Western physical therapy / sports medicine.


With a variety of activities for your little ones to stay engaged, our goal is to ensure they have fun, stay safe, and look forward to their next visit.