Sonja Van der Velden

Sonja Van der Velden OLY is an accomplished athlete herself. She competed in two Olympic Games and many World Championships. During her coaching career, she developed her own style of coaching which is upbeat and creative but is always focused on safe and effective foundational movements. She wants to help any client who has a goal and is motivated to work hard, no matter what the start line or finish line is.

Her educational background from organizations like NASM (like PT, CES, PES), TRX training, Yoga 200hr, Coaching level 3 USA Artistic Swimming. Together, her education with her own experience of being a professional athlete and lead coach in Artistic swimming, gives her an edge. She approaches her classes with positive energy, no matter if she coaches beginner athletes who are 6 years old, World athletes, individual clients or groups classes (6-86 years old), she will make you feel happy, accomplished and safe. She loves to inspire anybody around her to move, and to take every day as a new beginning