November’s Strength: “Drop it Like a Squat”

By November 2, 2018 No Comments
The main focus this month is going to be tempo squats. They will always be on Mondays for the month of November. If you can’t make Mondays, try to make it up on Thursdays.
Why tempo training when lifting is important:
  1. Improved quality of movement. Quality of movement should be your first priority when lifting.
  2. Reduced risk of injury. Slowing down the tempo of lifts can ease the stress placed on joints. More stress on the muscle and less on the joints is a good thing.
  3. Improved strength gains. Manipulating the “TUT” (time under tension) in an exercise changes the response your body will have. This will lead to big gains.

Tempo training explained.

Back squat 30X0
Here’s what that means when you’re lifting:
  • The first number refers to the lowering (eccentric) phase of the lift. Using our back squat example, the 3 will represent the amount of time (in seconds) that it should take you to descend to the bottom of the squat.
  • The second number refers to the amount of time spent in the bottom position of the lift- the point in which the lift transitions from lowering to ascending. In our back squat example, the prescribed 0 means that the athlete should reach bottom position and immediately begin their ascent. If, however, the prescription was 32X0, the athlete would be expected to pause for 2 seconds at the bottom position.
  • The third number refers to ascending (concentric) phase of the lift- the amount of time it takes you to get to the top of the lift. The X signifies that the athlete should EXPLODE the weight up as quickly as possible.
  • The fourth number refers to how long you should pause at the top of the lift.
Last this will add more variety to your training, which is always fun.