Beem Wilder, Ph.D.,

Beem has been teaching Meditation/Mindfulness for almost 20 years at The Club. Many members ask, “what kind of meditation do you teach?” The answer is that I teach what my many teachers have taught me, which is, “Every being is already Enlightened, and the Enlightenment, or one’s true SELF, is simply covered up by the mind (thoughts, desires, fear, etc.).” In late 1969, I hitchhiked from my home in Los Gatos, California. I met a Guru in the Himalayas and started my meditation and yoga practice training in a small yoga ashram in Rishikesh India. After 2 years, I returned home and was initiated by Bhagavan Nityananda, an Indian Saint. After 8 months, I traveled back to India and became a student of Nityananda’s disciple, Swami Muktananda in Ganeshpuri, India where I stayed for 12 years. In the early 1990’s, I practiced and trained with Gen Khandro in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for five years and was authorized to teach meditation and training. Since 2000 I have been a student of Thich Nhat Hanh in the Zen tradition and was ordained in the Order of Interbeing (OI) in 2012. As a child psychologist at Kaiser Permanente, I started a family meditation program and also taught patients and staff meditation in the hospital until my retirement from Kaiser three years ago.